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by 美儀

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1-3 Heritage Lane, Empire Damansara
4-5 CICM Reponsible Care Run 2013 (Honestly I still don’t know what I ran for..)
6 Intern Duties
7 No, I was not in the suit
8 Soju Bar Wall Deco
9-12 Straits Quay, Penang
13 Hair Saloon, Penang
14 Ke Ai (Cute) Chicken Floss, Penang
Apparently she sings on good days and I didn’t get to witness it. Her song in the speech bubble and her chicken floss is chunkier than the usual.
15 I got the Hulk..of all of them..I had to get the Hulk
16 Intern Lyfe ,_,v
17 All my important things at work: butter knife, coffee cup sleeves, an Ikea illustration of a hardworking individual which pretty much summarized my job scope.
18 Important sustenance
19 Christmas Chicken Special
21 Post Christmas Bro Brunch
22 Newton Challenge 2013 (15k)
23 Yep..I turned up for the run, but managed to plunge myself into a drain in front of the starting line. Long story short:
(1) things are there even though you may not see them
(hopefully this message will always be addressed to me in a positive light)
(2) Go to the doctor’s even though the medics have bandaged you
(even if tell you that you don’t have to go to the doctor’s–
because I totally found a rock shard in my wound when I got home)
(3) Don’t walk into drains
24-25 My very first did not start
26 The toll hike that didn’t happen
27 How I celebrated my New Year’s Eve: limping around framing up my bibs #aznpride