don’t be hangry

by 美儀

I found out that you could put your money into a FD over the Internet. After calculating the interest rate, I decided to put some money into one since I figured my money would be sitting around for awhile anyway. I forgot to complete my calculations by dividing the amount into months. Looks like I’ve locked down some money and I’ll be getting RM5 in March. Brilliant..that’s 0.625 Americanos..

Why is life so expensive?
I’m going back into frugal mode since student life is back in action.


Rekindle, SS2

They have croissants and nice plants.

Salmon Croissant RM15.90
(Although it looked like someone had sat on it, it was nice. I would have eaten 2 if I had won the lottery.)
Peppermint Tea RM8

Remember to choose the chairs with the flat seats if you want to sit with your legs crossed. The ones with the gaps will hurt the ends of your fibulas.

If I want to keep coming here, I think I’ll need to sell my kidneys.