eleven, twenty two, thirty three

by 美儀

2013-11-07 08.09.40

I call this look #theintern.

Sometimes I wonder if people are contented with their work limbo; everyday holds a routine which they have become skillful at.

It is already a little over a month into my internship and time really whizzes by so quickly. It has been a drastic change from having all the time in the world along with exam stress, to having no time for anything with no exam stress. Being able to do my laundry is a luxury sometimes.

I still have two months to go and I already know I’ll look back on these times and miss them a whole lot when I go back to school for my final sem..why is this weird? Why does it feel like I’m never coming back?

There are these thoughts caught up in my mind that I just can’t put into words.

Sometimes I just don’t understand myself..maybe this is part of growing up…