reasons for running

by 美儀

Contradiction could be a sign of inconsistency or growth;
while consistency could mean stagnancy or growth.


There is so much to talk about, but I forget what I mean to say when the moment has passed. Here we go.

Today marks my second running event of the year. I would love to participate in more events, but my pocket money only permits so much.

About 2 & 1/2 weeks ago, Evie asked me if I wanted to register for the Mizuno Wave Run 2013 (what a mouthful). I was surprised that registration (for the 7k ‘fun run’) was still open because spots usually get snatched up almost immediately. I tried to google a bit about the race but only limited information could be found. (I guess that theory only applies to bigger brands and/or is dependent on the organizers scale of marketing/popularity.)

Having already signed up for the upcoming SCKLM & Feel Good Run, I had no intentions to register for any more races yet. More so, this event was happening before both runs. Well..after some convincing (I swear I don’t know who is convincing who anymore), I created our online accounts and paid with my darned debit card (online banking can be a blessing and a curse sometimes…).

> essentials: dri-fit, bananas, race bib, burnt experimental oatmeal raisin cookies, body mist;
> post race goodies: water, Perskindol, a certificate you have to fill up yourself (fun run participant problems), a box of Fitnesse’s Honey & Almond (pretty much Nestle’s equivalent of Special K–so ironic I giggled–not to sound snotty but have you taken a look at the ingredients list? #sorrynotsorry), (sugar laden) Tous Les Jours’ mini cakes and cookie, and an orange plastic bag to sit on to enjoy the view and weather;
> queuing up at the finish line
> Malaysian/fake Sakura with foggy (sweaty) filter

We GPS-ed our way to Presinct 3, some unknown/white elephant territory. Like the other runs, we would usually find people in the same running vests headed in the same direction; but the roads past Puchong were so empty and there were no neon vests in sight. A little after passing the Cyberjaya MRT turning, my stomach flipped when it occurred to me that I may have gotten the race venue wrong; I silently pulled out my phone and prayed as I confirmed the venue (phew…every other runner was punctual I guess). I don’t know what the road/bridge is called, but it was a beautiful sight as it was still lighted up.

With no parking lot in sight, I asked a stranger and he said to just park anywhere. Now that’s a first! We power walked and made it to the start line 2 minutes before the flag off, just in time for a Vine video and some 인정 selcas. I didn’t expect such a small crowd, but half the runners were scattered across the back and they macam santai saje (confirm experienced one!).

2013-06-09 08.26.24click to enlarge

200 meters into the run; I found myself asking what the hell was I doing to myself, paying to go through this torture. This dilemma comes back to haunt me when the initial purpose of starting this whole running thing has become unclear or forgotten. Just the other day, I was scrolling through Tumblr’s hot mess of deep inspirational quotes and paused at one that read something along the lines of remember why you started. Honestly I couldn’t recall, so I tried to think of one that could suffice (well, at least temporarily). I think I’m somewhere between the lines of to see what the human body is capable of; or to just simply forget. I guess it is only natural for purpose and direction to change over time. Despite those passing thoughts, I enjoyed the whole 7(.31)km.

2013-06-09 08.04.10awkward sweaty eyebrows

2013-06-09 08.13.14

2013-06-09 08.25.31prime minister high five

Perhaps it was due to the size of the crowd and the quiet roads, the run felt safer and more laid back.

There were a few firsts:
> the runners around us walked over the starting line and warmed up with a light jog;
> cups from the water stations were actually disposed into trash cans (i mean, no heaps of paper cups to trip over!!);
> no human jams/minimal weaving;
> despite there being a queue on the 7k side of the finish line, everyone lined up in a single file/pairs leaving space for people to actually run across the finish line (I was quite kiasu, so I ran to the end to record my time on the nike app); the welcoming breeze (which was pretty cold for the first few minutes taking into account that we were really sweaty) and grass that made us decide to stay back and roll/sit in it.

All in all, NICE!!


2013-06-09 08.26.57Are we in the picture?

2013-06-09 08.30.31
It was really relaxing to stay back for once and be those people who sat in groups on the ground.

2013-06-09 10.19.01
Then we proceeded to stuff our face with too much dimsum and Chinese tea.


Why is it so hard to embed Vine videos here? Pfftttt..