three hundred sixty degrees

by 美儀

what if parallel universes exist?
if there is another me, i hope i am happy.



20130521-163555.jpgplain black, swimming penguin, awkward toes, time pieces

20130521-163606.jpgrefrigerator breakfast, durian potong (one reason to stay in malaysia), seaweed popiah (omg), sunday morning

20130521-163620.jpgblogilates’ banana pancakes, refrigerator breakfast, seafood tofu, limited edition smoked salmon on microwaved egg on limited edition bread with a side of refrigerator salad

20130521-163630.jpg20130521-163637.jpgmother’s day dinner at d’italiane kitchen; so good, but you pay through your nose

20130521-163704.jpgdurian potong unraveled, literally frozen yogurt, soy ice cream, evil cornetto

20130521-163711.jpgnot so white coffee, cake display, art appreciation, impressive bag that has not fallen apart from my abuse

20130521-163722.jpg20130521-163736.jpgbrunch at butter + beans at seventeen20130521-163804.jpgnight marketing20130521-163811.jpgbrunch at butter + beans at seventeen20130521-163817.jpgmarkets at jaya one: illuminati watches, beer chairs, see through shoes, new age mannequins

20130521-163847.jpgPOLITIKO!: first game ever + apple pie20130521-163856.jpg