by 美儀

I’m feeling pretty angsty right now. Before I updated the iOS on my phone, I had already backup everything on iTunes. After the update, I could only restore my phone to a month ago and NONE of the apps were accounted for. What the heck is this whole backup shit if it is just going to give me back my wallpaper?! Okay angst over.

Sometimes I try asking myself if it is worth getting angry over situations if nothing is can change no matter how angry I get. But you know..always easier said than done. I realized that I need to allow myself to be angry for awhile if not it will just all pile up and explode somewhere else.

Imagine if life had a restore button; where you could just go back to days, weeks, months or years ago. I don’t know if that would be a good or bad thing.


Anyway, angry things and mysteries aside, I wanted to talk about happy things like food. Heheheh..

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I don’t know how in the world I’m going to figure out this formatting. I swear WordPress is crazy..

Lately food has been good. (Well it should always be..pssshhh..)

Some time last year, I made this with whatever I found available and my sister was impressed. I recently bought a big roll of cream cheese to satisfy my cheesecake cravings (La Manila has the best brownie cheesecake ever! But my fridge is way nearer. Made a cake, portioned it and froze most of it.) and there was extra for this dish. Hurhurhur..

This dish can be made two ways, the other without the capsicum and the baking. Actually I only do the baking because eating an entire capsicum raw could be pretty overwhelming; plus, baked pasta has an interesting texture.

It was pretty much agak-agak (guesstimated) and made with whatever I had. So look through your pantry and follow your heart!

Tuna can be substituted with any meat or even enoki, the iceberg lettuce can be exchanged with whatever salad leaves you have lying around!


Fake Carbonara / Pantry Cream Cheese Pasta / Baked Capsicum Cups with Cream Cheese Pasta

Vegeroni or any choice of pasta (I picked this because the shells are so colorful and they hold whatever you cook them with.)
onions (sliced)
canned tuna
cream cheese
iceberg lettuce (or romaine) (julienned)
fresh basil
salt & pepper
olive oil

+ capsicum

1) Start by boiling water for your pasta! As it comes to a boil, put in some salt and olive oil. Toss in your pasta and cook according to the directions on the packet.

If you’re done early, don’t forget to run it under cool water to stop it from cooking. Then add in some oil so your pasta won’t clump up.

As the pasta is cooking, cut the onion into thin slices.

2) Saute the onions till they are brown or even caramelized. Add your tuna and cook some more! Season well with salt & pepper! (When the salad leaves go in at the end, they will dull the dish. So season generously here!)


3) Add dollops of cream cheese and combine everything.

4) Add some hot water to help the cheese melt. Stir stir stir and you’re almost done!!

5) Pour in your pasta and mix well.

6) Turn off the heat and add the julienned salad leaves and basil.

7) Stir some more, plate up and you’re done!


For the baked version, as your pasta is boiling preheat the oven at 180*C.
For shallower cups, half the capsicum and scoop out the seeds. For bigger cups, cut off the stem top.

Scoop the mixture into the capsicums cups and bake them for about 15-25 minutes (depending on how big the cups are and how cooked you want the capsicum to be).

Tada! You can have your almost carbonara without adding in cream (because cream seems to cost and arm and leg here).