this was february

by 美儀

February was good.

Reunion, shopping, food, laughter, warmth, some more food, and nice things.



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1. My elementary mandarin skills and my elementary mistake.
2. I paid for parking with a ten dollar note.
5. There is a line of ceramic ware made in shapes of all sorts of vegetables! Can I have them all?
9-13. Steamboat + Patty Sleepover + Fancy Breakfast at Butts’
24-27. Chor Yi, the second day of Chinese New Year
27. I asked the manager for chili flakes and he came back with a ramekin full of big pieces of cut dried chili.
29-35. Bros’ pre & post birthday celebrations at Ichiban Boshi, Sunway Giza.
36-49. Patty Lou Sang + Japanese at Senjyu, e@Curve.
41. Senjyu’s Yee Sang was THE BEST Yee Sang of the year! I lou-ed theirs three times!
50. This is my family’s take on Yee Sang. Every year, we remove all dyed items because it is unhealthy. Whaattt…
56-60. Butter + Beans on Seventeen.
61. My kind of man.
63-66. Patty Lou Sang + Chinese v2 at Mei Chi Xuan, Damansara Perdana.
65. Would do anything to go back in time and dive into that bowl of butter curry.
69. Pre-exercising. Sometimes I lay on the mat before I exercise to psycho myself into doing it.
70-71. Patty Lou Sang + BBQ v3.
74. It rained indoors.
76. Patty Lou Sang + BBQ v3. I can’t even edit the order of the pictures because WordPress is being a retard.
77-78. My first burger at myBurgerLab, Sea Park. The A+ was brilliant.
80-83. Lunch at Secret Recipe’s Beyond Veggie, Tropicana City Mall. The food was great, but you could make the same at home.


I’m so hungry right now Y_Y