the time is now

by 美儀


Besides the sweltering heat and horrid heaty spell which brings about swollen lips, I haven’t found something to be thankful for yet. Yet.

There are many more weeks to this month, and there are also many more sleep inducing lectures and tutorials to this semester.

Although the semester had already begun a week ago, classes will unofficially begin this week. I guess lecturers do have to recover after a holiday as well. Me? I have not recovered yet. I’m always in holiday mode even when finals are around the corner. No cure for this disease eh.

Procrastination is so easily found in the simplest things. Many times I have told myself to floss before exercising (because I always try to exercise in the middle of the night and feel upset when I think of the meticulous task of flossing..I said try); or to google if it is really advisable to clean suede with toothpaste. To add on, for the interview I did in December, I have yet to complete that article.

Perhaps this crappy month is here to tell me that it is about time to get to those things.

March, please be kind.



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