too soon

by 美儀

When I first purchased my supersampler (my first and last original lomo that lasted for 4 rolls and died on me), I had to learn the hard way. One essential rule was to only shoot in daylight. The bright and sunny outdoors. There I was, shooting at home, in the main kitchen (when the light source was seriously shit), in malls, in pretty dark places. I think the first roll yield 1 shot, second roll yield nothing but a long long roll of black, third roll 4-5 shots, fourth roll 3-4 shots..and then it died (I need to fix the cord but I have no guts to take it apart). I paid for the camera, processing and felt bitter.

Sometimes I feel like that all over again.

For the first time ever, 800 film! I was psyched because it was the UWS’ first roll and I wanted to experiment double exposing. I’m glad I did, if not most of it would have come out black. (What in the heavens right?! It’s supposed to be 800!!!) Despite all of that, I do have a few favorite shots here..hehe

I swear from now on I’m only going to shoot when the sun is the highest in the sky, and I’m going to be standing right beneath it.



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