this was december

by 美儀

I had a lot to say about November & December because they were probably the kindest months to me. Though all I remember is that these months brought lots of rain and thunder which I enjoyed.

I managed to score free tickets (from kind friends ^_^) to ZE:A’s showcase in November and to 3rd Wave’s Ignite Love in December. ZE:A fangirls really went all out and it was delightful watching them (yes, the fangirls). When it came around to Ignite Love, we were the only people who were frantically waving an iPad with neon text at the stage as they were performing You Were Born To Be Loved (because that was the only song which was appropriate to fangirl to. true story).





December brought about a lot of laughter, excitement, faces I’ve missed, old jokes, new stories, and many realizations.

I couldn’t find warmth in the places I expected most, but warmth came to me from the places I least expected.

Thank you December, you were kind.

Thank you twenty twelve, I grew a little bit more.