we’re almost done, 2012!

by 美儀

(WordPress has got some serious issues to fix.)

As usual, I find myself here when an assignment is to be done. I have never failed to give my assignments the least attention as the due dates draw even closer.

Today is one of those days when I look at the work I have in front of me and ask myself why do I have to put up with it. I was as free as a bird before, but why am I strapped down and forced to write papers about things I don’t really care about..and even pay fees for it. Oh my childish questioning and elementary excuses..

These days it seems like everyone else have graduated, and I’m just left to age at The Hole alone. Classes on Christmas Eve, classes on New Year’s Eve.. I have lost my senses since the last class and my brain has begun to go on holiday mood.

Meanwhile, here is a very unprepared me.