there were good days

by 美儀

No, you did not..shit..Firefox just crashed on me and killed my post altogether. Beautiful..


Out of the series of shit days, I remember telling myself that this (last last last) week was the best *must blog*. (Sorry for the inconsistency of the quality of the pictures. Lately, the god of pixels doesn’t seem to be on my side.)

Nike WE RUN KL 10K 2012


A run really makes everything better. Not only this one, but every run in general. Like they say, ‘Even a bad run is better than no run at all!’

It was pouring in the afternoon, even the rain came through my ceiling ( Thankfully it cleared up as we were heading down to the starting point.

Besides the fact that people decided to walk towards the finish line, conveniently blocking the entire road; that we had to queue to step over the finish line; and that the distance markers were completely incorrect and misleading; it was a good run. (We didn’t use the baggage service, so only our shoes were screwed up from the mud.)

Well, last year’s was better because they gave us free ice cream and we only had to avoid tripping over the people planking at the finish line. Meanwhile, I’ll be anticipating 2013’s run, so please do improve! Speaking of improvement..I need it more…

Some of the best parts for me was looking at the city on foot and tapping the touch ‘n go sensors as we ran through the toll gates. I remember yelling ‘SHITTTT!’ because it began to drizzle as I was taking this panorama with my brick of a phone.

Thank you, bro. Only you would teman me for these kind of activities. 无你(就)无我!

The Best Goodbye

My finals came to an end, for now at least. After my last paper, Dad & I went lunch and I celebrated it with two rolls of my favorite popiah. I even had a rebellious dinner of ramyeon and a Cornetto. BEST!!



I forgot what I was looking for, but I discovered something wonderful: the Chronodex.

I haven’t decided if the Chronodex is right for me because I do more recording than scheduling, though I have been enjoying it so far. It could become something that would push me towards becoming more responsible with my life. Perhaps I am still hesitating because I am a little scared..

Besides that, I really enjoyed reading his posts. His thoughts have this different aspect on life..and I would like to grow up a little bit like him.

Boey & the Thieves

Evie & I went to watch The Thieves at Paradigm. Best move ever. I bought the tickets through the GSC app three days before and I was in awe at how far we’ve come. The advancement of technology has made every so easy, I’m a little afraid of what may come.

Before the movie, I dropped by Popular and stuck around for Boey‘s talk. I wasn’t sure if I was going to purchase his book, and then I remembered this. Out of all the logs that I have read, this was and is the most memorable strip for me. So I spent my week’s allowance and got a free sharpie. When he asked for my name, I was contemplating asking him if my book would be worth millions in the future. If it would be, it didn’t really have to read my name. He has really nice penmanship though.

At first, I was really happy with this because thought it was a really inspiring note about life..then I realized he was talking about his book..


After William demonstrated his habit of eating junk food with chopsticks, I have been hooked. The cinema didn’t have chopsticks, so I tried to improvise with two straws. A few pieces of popcorn managed to make their way into my mouth, then I decided to leave the straws under my seat. The movie was flipping awesome! Like Italian Job, but much better.

But as you know, in Malaysia, we spoil every movie. The kiss scenes were censored, even the one between Simon Yam and the aunty from Autumn In My Heart. Seriously..I don’t know why did they bother rating the movie 18+.


If you had some shit days come at you, I hope you’ll enjoy some happier days soon.