still afloat

by 美儀

Today is my first day back in school. New semester, new classes, new friends(?)..hopefully!


I was in a corner of the classroom catching up on episodes of I do, I do. I was pretty absorbed into the cheesy scene and suddenly, I found an outstretched hand with a box of Green Tea Kit Kats in front of me. I looked up to find a Japanese guy with a smile plastered on his face, in his accent he said A souvenir from Japan.

Then I knew, today was going to be a good day. I was trying to piece together potential conversation in my head, making friends is tough (especially in this hole of an institution). Though a few minutes later, I realized I was in the wrong classroom.

Seems like our potential friendship may never surface..


On another note, I tried to make decisions responsibly..but they seemed to have ended up being impulsively made..oh growing pains..