i was(?) an easy sucker

by 美儀

For a long time, I’ve been finding myself reading about some people, deconstructing everything we know in today’s modern society of packaging, and going back to the basics.

Do we really need overpriced skin care products or packets of instant mushroom soup?

Also, why do we defend certain animals and call people heartless for eating them; then saying beef, chicken, lamb and pork are okay..aren’t all of them animals too?

I admit I’m jealous of some people. Vegetarians. Vegans. People who choose to go down the natural & organic path, making everything from scratch.

It seems to take so much research and experimenting to get around the ideas of which could be the better way for getting around things. Maybe it is just plain laziness that drives me to blissful ignorance. Sometimes it is much easier to buy something from the store than making it yourself. But really, these days, you can’t just trust anyone.

Sometimes I find myself buying and using things, expecting them to be perfect. When they let me down, I either put the blame on myself for misusing them, or blame the manufacturers for not fulfilling my expectations. I forget that there is always a possibility of error because manufacturers are human too. There is no such thing as perfection, besides God that is.

I think it is about time I peeled my name off the easy suckers of marketing ploys list. It is time to start questioning more, thinking more, and knowing more. But then again, in moderation. 헐?


Things we don’t really need:






Things we need:





Slowly, but surely.