today’s dreams, tomorrow’s travels

by 美儀

Having some plans canceled isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Stepping out onto the pavement, I realized that I had no where to go. Thoughts of wandering have been plaguing my mind ever since I saw those tall buildings clustered so close together. Would there be anything hidden in between them?

Then Bus 11 took me by surprise. I didn’t realize what I was doing till I looked down at my feet and smiled. A little jolt of excitement went through me, time for an adventure. Something a little out of the ordinary. Something beyond my own restrictions. Something slightly unusual.

I found myself standing outside a restaurant on a hill, and I decided that I was going to spend my afternoon there. It was pleasant, besides the waiters who kept coming to check if I was done when my plate was half full. And for once, I took the longest time to finish my meal, tasting every single bit of it.




Besides that, happy leap day? (Maybe that was one of the contributing reasons for my thoughtless (pleasant) actions.)


(latest obsession: asian men..what’s new eh?)