scramble friends

by 美儀

During Stats class, I misunderstood a segment of a calculation. From then on, everything went haywire. The lecturer was asking for the answers, and everyone seemed to be giving a unified answer..for that moment, I felt so stupid.

Misunderstandings are really dangerous. Stay away from them..


(The colors are a little screwed up because I accidentally did a batch edit and allowed it to overwrite the original files…sigh..)

Anyway, my brother took the basil leaves off. He said it tasted like mango. Now that’s new.

Sof came over and we made expensive cupcakes.


And! I finally watched Totoro!!

I expected him to say a few words though. But its nice that he plays the ocarina.

His expressions are so cute; but when he opens his mouth, you can tell he needs some braces. And with that said, the Nekobus looks crazed/almost pedophilic. I’m a little traumatized by it.

I want a Totoro too..