fast hands

by 美儀

This week has flashed by so quickly..I hardly remember what happened..such is life.

All I know is that, I should be on Week 7 of Insanity–should be–tsktsk..I’m still stuck mid Week 6. When I think of the intense hour of shit life I need to go through, staying fat seems to be a great idea.



Omelettes, ABC Miso, Roasted Butternut Squash & Garlic Bisque, Toast

Sunny Days

One by one, we are slowly turning 21. Does it really symbolizes any significant change? I guess its probably the condition of the mind. ‘Hey, time to grow up!’

After a little bit, voices were amplified. Drifting in and out during conversation. Eating food with bare hands. Downing jugs of water, trying to return to Earth in the name of responsibility. I’m so classy…

We managed to witness a rainbow near the end of the night. A scene to be remembered, but not repeated.

and finally, some Useless Cute