borderline behavior

by 美儀

Good Morning!

(not really, because its already 2:26pm here–but I just woke up.)

One of my resolutions is to wake up early, and sleep early. That doesn’t seem to be falling into place yet  :/ Pfft..anyway. Here we are! Finally! I have no idea why I chose this url before, because its really a lot to type to get here (sorry d:)

Its as if I should be taking my blogging style in some different approach, but bad habits die hard!

WordPress is so different though, I think I’ll need some time to get used to it. Anyway, 8 long years on hisprecious has finally come to an end. I wanted something else to record my twenties (why are we growing up so quickly?), and hopefully I’ll stick to this for the next decade d:


Following the footsteps of one of my favorite bloggers, Alien’s Day Out, I’m in the midst of coming up with a list of things I’d like to do this year as well.

Some of them are:

1) Sleep earlier
So that I’ll be able to enjoy the breeze and calmness of the morning

2) Sleep with the windows open
The air-conditioning makes the skin dry! and..our electricity bill is increasing with no mercy

3) Finish Insanity
I have finally begun my 6th week..and I just took a day off after the 1st day. talk about progress! d:

4) Run 2 races
10km is great. But I’d like to be able to at least run 5km before taking a break.

5) Fast food & soft drink fast
For the entire year. I have done no soft drinks for a year, then no fast food for two years already (taking a break in between that is). Now, its finally time to cut both sources of happiness and scientifically modified flavors out of my life, for a year that is. I hope to have enough willpower to be able to just say no for the rest of my life next time. Perhaps avoid junk food as well? Why do all the fake food taste so wonderful?

There are more, but I should sit down and think about them properly before putting them up. Commitment is a hard thing.


Some days I tell myself, the skies are so beautiful. Maybe the skies are beautiful everyday; perhaps I’m too occupied with doing other things, causing me to forget the simplicity of beauty.

Even under different roofs, we share the same sky.

We cast shadows.

We breathe the same air.

Even though we have so much in common, we are all different. Perhaps difference happens according to what you choose to do with your existence. Maybe that’s just the beauty of creation in its splendor. So simple, yet so complex.


Some of the new in my 2012!

Meanwhile, spend your calories wisely!